Your First Aid Private

And ‘private outpatient service that guarantees the coverage of medical emergencies, surgical, orthopedic falling within codes Whites and Greens. Performs medical, specialist, medications, any admissions, also it has a team of surgeons and private structures for interventions not only urgent.

Green Code also provides specialist tours by appointment.

When you turn to Green Code:

  • in case of situations that worry or that they want to resolve in a short time
  • if surgery is not put off by gravity or to your organizational needs
  • in cases of trauma, injury or acute symptoms of moderate or small case surgery
  • in case of accidents or illnesses in the workplace
  • to obtain clinical and specialist visits quickly and effectively
  • to avoid waiting lists for specialist consultations
  • because untraceable your doctor
  • to avoid long queues at the Emergency Hospital

The color code assigned during triage establishes the priority to be given to the patient, according to his condition.

The color codes assigned during triage are 4:

CODE WHITE: there is no urgency – the patient is not in danger and does not need the intervention of the emergency room and can consult your doctor OR TO US

CODE GREEN: less urgency – the patient reports of injuries (minor trauma, fractures, etc.) Or complains of symptoms but do not affect the vital functions, but it does need to receive treatment. WE ARE THE BEST SOLUTION

YELLOW CODE: urgency – the patient has a partial impairment of Circulatory and respiratory functions, he complains severe pain; there is an immediate danger of life, but it needs as soon as a part of the medical supervision. WE ARE THE BEST SOLURZIONE, EXCLUDED THE PROBLEMS CARDIO

RED CODE: emergency – indicates a subject with at least one of the vital functions compromised, which is located in immediate danger of life. State of shock, loss of consciousness, stop breathing, cardiac arrest, bleeding and very serious injuries. URGENT EMERGENCY HOSPITAL